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About us

The Gambling Commission is the UK's independent statutory body responsible for awarding licences to run the National Lottery and tasked with regulating it to ensure safe and fair play. 

As part of our responsibility as a regulator, we have three overriding statutory duties which underpin the fourth licence competition:

  • To ensure the National Lottery is run, and every lottery that forms part of it is promoted, with all due propriety;

  • To ensure the interests of every participant in a Lottery are protected; and

  • Subject to the above two duties, to do our best in making sure that the net proceeds of the National Lottery are as great as possible.

While the Gambling Commission is responsible for managing the competition and regulating the National Lottery, the distribution of funds will continue to be separate. It is undertaken by independent distribution bodies overseen by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), our sponsoring department.

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