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The UK National Lottery is one of the world's largest lotteries; however, we believe there is still significant untapped potential for growth which retains the principles of being responsible, safe and fair.

We are now preparing a competition to award the fourth National Lottery licence, which will run from 2023.

The context for the National Lottery has changed since the third licence was awarded. For example, technology-based products and services have been widely introduced and continue to change rapidly. We view the next licence competition as an opportunity to bring innovative new ideas that sustain and grow the National Lottery, and ensure it remains relevant and attractive to all parts of society.

We have established a team to design and manage the competition for the next licence. We are creating a level playing field for all potential bidders and will run a fair, open and robust competition to help us meet our statutory duties on propriety, player protection and returns to good causes.

If you are interested in this opportunity, and we very much hope that you are, please contact our team.


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UK National Lottery Licence Competition: Programme Update document (PDF)